Frequently Asked Questions

Bokashi Composting

What goes in the compost bin?


  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Coffee + coffee fliters
  • Citrus Rinds
  • Egg Shells
  • Grains and grain products
  • Meat (and Bones)
  • Seafood
  • Dairy (solid)
  • Paper towels
  • Dryer Lint
  • Paper and cardboard (small pieces, without slick or shiny coating)
  • Liquids
  • Cheese Wax
  • Grease
  • Fruit Stickers
  • Butter papers
  • Rubber bands
  • Compostable plastic packaging products
  • Kleenex or other items prone to carry COVID-19 germs

Can I buy your Bokashi flakes separately?

You sure may! We have kits and bokashi online at the Pearl Farmer's Market online and are stocked at the Farm Connection. You can now order bokashi kits and flakes directly from our website for local pick up!

Can I put compostable diapers into my bucket?

No. We partner with local food-growing farms, and we are unable to process human waste of any kind.

Do you accept compostable takeout containers/packaging/etc?

We are unable to process most "compostable" products on the market at this time. We do not have the large compost piles of commercial composters, and we are still following the emerging research in the safety of these products breaking down in soil meant for food production. We encourage people to find ways to eliminate single use products wherever they can.

How do I Bokashi compost at home?

Check out our shop for find all you'll need to start your oown Bokashi Composting adventure. Visit our Blog to find our downloadable guide on to how to Bokashi Compost at home.

There's mold in my Bokashi bucket—what do I do?

White, fluffy mold is a good sign! It means the Bokashi microbes are thriving! Good job! Other kinds of mold (blue,green, black,etc..) are a sign of contamination. To fix, add more bokashi flakes and make sure your lid IS COMPLETELY SEALED.

I've got pests in my Bokashi bucket—what do I do?!

Pests can enter and grow in your Bokashi bucket ONLY if the lid is not completely sealed. If you have pests in your bucket, add A LOT of Bokashi flakes and seal your lid COMPLETELY shut. Pests cannot grow in a healthy Bokashi fermentation.

What is Bokashi Composting?

Bokashi translates loosely as "fermented organic matter". Bokashi is the method of fermentation that the Compost Queens use before we hot compost at our partner farms.

Through Bokashi, you can compost ALL solid food waste including meat, dairy, & seafood. Bokashi is an ANAEROBIC process, meaning it is done in closed, air-tight containers. Like almost all fermentations, you will need a ferment starter to Bokashi compost. This is why our composting kits include our Bokashi Flakes. You can start the fermentation by sprinkling Bokashi Flakes in with your food scraps in a closed container. This will help with pests and odors & help break down the food even faster! Bokashi is also great because it act as a probiotic for your compost pile, and eventually for your soil!

What are Bokashi Flakes?

Bokashi Flakes serve as the ferment "starter" to our Bokashi process. We upcycle coffee chaff (the shell of the coffee bean) that we get from local roasters. We then ferment the coffee chaff with our craft EM (Effective Microbe) mixture and Molasses. Once dried, Bokashi Flakes can last for up to 1 year.

Why do Compost Queens use Bokashi? What are the benefits?

We love making composting easy for our customers. Bokashi Composting allows our customers to collect their food scraps without any issues with pests, smells, or added effort. It also allows our customers to include meat and dairy in their collection. Bokashi Composting is a great way to increase soil microbiology and organic matter.

Can I include pet waste?

Many home composters use a Bokashi system to compost their pet waste. Although we do not recommend using the composted pet waste in an edible garden. Because of this reason, do not accept most pet waste as part of our residential or commercial services. The only pet waste we accept are rabbit and guinea pig droppings.


How do I figure out how much food waste I have?

If you're a future residential customer, we suggest you take our free two week trial and get a feel for how much waste you (and your family) are producing. We offer extra bucket delivery around the holidays or when you know you'll have more food waste than normal. If you are a future commercial customer, we can help you determine how much waste you are producing.

Where is the drop-off location closest to me?

Who gets the compost?

When our "black gold" compost is ready we work to distribute it to our clients (residential and drop-off) and donate additional amounts to area community gardens. We also sell our compost locally. If you are a customer and not sure if you're signed up to recieve compost, email

I've signed up for pick-up, now when are you coming do to the pick up? When is my pick up day?

Check your email for our welcome letter and it will include your first delivery and pickup day. We do pickups every 4 weeks on the same day for each neighborhood. If you would like to access your materials earlier than your set pickup/dropoff date, email us! You can also sign up for text and/or email reminders and we'll remind you at 5pm on the day before you need to set your buckets out. You can sign up for reminders through your customer portal Don't have a customer portal? Email to create one.

What happens to the compost? Where does the actual composting occur?

We are working to process our compost all over San Antonio, including partnerships with Talking Tree Farms and the Garcia Street farm along with several smaller processing sites throughout the city of San Antonio. After your compost sits in your bucket for two weeks we begin to pile it, cover it with mulch, and turn it weekly. Follow us on social media to see our current projects and process of the piles. When the "black gold" compost is ready we work to distribute it to our clients of six months or more and donate additional amounts to area community gardens.

How do I get started? Where I can I pick up a bucket?

Please visit our services page to decide what composting service will work best for you. Sign up here; we will be in contact about how to access your materials.

Can I compost from an apartment?

Yes! We have many wonderful apartment dwellers in our Community of Composters. Bokashi composting is a great option for apartment dwellers since won't have any issues with smell or pests. You can easily store your bucket outside your front door (no smell) or on a patio.

I've got leaves, can you take that too?

Yes! You can order a bulk leaf pick up through your customer portal.

Can you help me set up my garden?

We recommend using Uprooted Gardens and Two Hoes Gardening to help you set up your garden. For those with a garden space already set up, we can help you fertilize your garden. As part of our Soil Enrichment Program, we will help you integrate Bokashi Fermented Food Scraps into your garden to act as a long-term fertilizer, soil ammendment, and probiotic. This will help your soil retain water, nutrients, and the microbiome that helps plants thrive! Contact us here and we'll be in touch!

Where on the curb should I put my buckets?

Many of our customers leave their buckets on their front porch. We ask that you leave them somewhere visible to our driver, or contact us to let us know if you need to arrange a specific spot.

I want to change my account - upgrade or downgrade, how do I do it?

You can now change all your account details in our customer portal! If you are having any issues, please email us at and let us know how you'd like to adjust and we will get back with you shortly.

I'm moving, and I (do or do not) want to take my compost service me, do I take the bucket?

If you are a dropoff customer, you are welcome to continue using the service per usual. If you are cancelling service, please return all materials to your pickup site. For all pickup customers, please contact us so we can let you know what your new pickup day is, if it changes. If you are cancelling service, we will pick up your materials on your next pickup date. We ask that customers that are ending services reuturn their buckets and jars at the end of their term.

I'm new to the service—how do I use my Bokashi Kit?

Collect your food scraps in another container. This will help you limit the amount of times you have to open your Bokashi bucket as the fermentation is an anaerobic process (no oxygen). When your kitchen container is full, line your bucket with your compostable bag and sprinkle a small handfull of flakes on the bottom of the bag. Add 2-3 inches of food scraps inside the bucket. Sprinkle another handfull of Bokashi flakes on top. SEAL YOUR LID TIGHT. Repeat adding food scraps and a handful of bokashi until your bucket is full. Feel free to press down your food scraps to make more space in the bucket.

I own or work at a restaurant/business and we would like to start composting, what is the process?

Contact us here! We will create a custom account based off your needs!

How can I contact you over the phone?

Our number is 210-640-9468. We are open M-F, 9am- 5pm.

How can I email you directly?

Please email us at - we look forward to talking with you.


I want to volunteer with you, what do I do next?

Please fill out our volunteer application and we will be in touch soon.

How can I email you directly?

Please email us at - we look forward to talking with you.

How can I contact you over the phone?

Our number is 210-640-9468. We are open M-F, 9am- 5pm.

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