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About Compost Queens


We help our community compost organic material -
keeping it out of the landfill - by turning it into organic matter that creates healthier soil and healthier plants.

Using this abundant resource of food waste to replenish the soil creates more sustainable food and economic cycles. 


Compost Queens creates a difference in community perceptions and habits involving food, waste, and sustainability.

We offer years of experience in gardening and a passion for reducing waste in our community. 

We utilize our experience to feed the soil, build gardens and connect community members. 

  • We aim to create awareness by informing and educating our community on the impacts of wasted food.

  • We are proud of the cultural diversity, local food culture, and dedication to sustainable living practices that are so prominent in our city.

  • We believe the time has come for San Antonio to be a leader in organic waste diversion.

  • Through partnerships with community gardens and urban farms, restaurants and other small businesses, farmer’s markets, and other food-related events in the city, we want to create as sustainable a community as possible.


Whether you are an individual living in an apartment, a family in a home, a restaurant owner or a business owner with an office full of employees we can find a plan to pick up your food waste and send it to local farms to be used for growing more delicious local food. 

The Compost Queens

Kate Jaceldo  

Betsy Gruy

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