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Compost Queens Joins
Mission Compost!

Pilar Molak & Emma Peacock


We are thrilled to announce an exciting development regarding the evolution of Compost Queens. It is with great enthusiasm that we share, Compost Queens was recently acquired by San Antonio-based, Mission Compost. Led by co-founders Pilar Molak & Emma Peacock, Mission Compost is committed to upholding the legacy of sustainability and excellence that Compost Queens has fostered throughout the years. At Mission Compost, we are dedicated to introducing innovative approaches to further enhance your composting experience and act as the new stewards of our shared environmental mission.


Simple Habit, Great Impact.


Reduces the waste stream 

US landfills are filled with ~35 million tons of food. That accounts for 22% of total waste - the largest category of waste!

Lowers your carbon footprint

Food waste left in a landfill produces methane gas - this methane gas plays a key role in climate change. Compost reduces ~95% of methane gas production from food waste!

Improvement to soil structure

Composting provides many essential nutrients for plant growth by enriching the solid to help retain moisture and suppress plant diseases, compost becomes a natural fertilizer. 


pounds diverted


net lbs of CO2


miles offset


Check out our FAQ section for answers about the acquisition as well as how our composting service works.

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