Girl, You Fine! (Extra-fine Compost)

Girl, You Fine! (Extra-fine Compost)

  • Ingredients: Extra-fine sifted living compost sourced from bokashi fermented food scraps and composted wood chips.

  • Description: Hyper-local blend made from Bokashi-fermented food scraps that have been diverted from landfills. Our Nutrient Rich Compost is guaranteed to have a biomass score between 300-400+ug/g or higher. Our Extra-Fine Compost is hand-sifted at ¼ inch.

  • Best Uses/Application:

    • Use ¼-½ inch on potted plants every 4-6 months or add ½ inch on garden beds per season to improve water retention, suppress weeds, and increase soil fertility and vitality. 

    • Mix with potting soil to increase fertility, improve water retention and soil structure, and boost microbial populations for both garden beds and potted plants. Mix four parts soil with one part compost.

    • Mix with other ingredients to make your own potting soil.