Bulk Bokashi Flakes (Bring Your Own Container)

Bulk Bokashi Flakes (Bring Your Own Container)


Get Our Bokashi Flakes in bulk! **Get an additional $20 off if you bring your own container!**


5 gallons/20 quarts of Bokashi Flakes (enough for +9 months of Bokashi Composting at average household)


Compost Queens Bokashi Flakes are fermented coffee chaff that contains several different types  of live beneficial microbes that ferment food waste and offer many other benefits to your home and garden. Bokashi flakes last for a year and should be kept out of direct sunlight.


  • Pre-Compost Ferment Starter: Ferment all of your food scraps and turn them into nutrient-rich soil in a matter of weeks. Layer Bokashi Flakes with your food scraps in an air-tight container and let ferment for 2 weeks. Bury fermented food in the garden or add scraps to a compost. Check out our guide here.


  • Soil Enhancer: Bury Bokashi Flakes directly into your soil to add the beneficial microbes that fertilize your soil and keep plants healthy.


  • Compost Accelerator:  Add Bokashi-fermented food scraps or just Bokashi Flakes to your traditional compost to speed up the process. 


  • Odor Controller: Add Bokashi Flakes to your cat litter box, small mammal cages, or other pet waste to neutralize the smell.


  • Chicken Feed Supplement: Feed your chickens Bokashi Flakes as a probiotic supplement. 


Ingredients: Homegrown EM-1 (effective microbes), coffee chaff, rain water,  and molasses. 


*Only available for local pick up and delivery*