1.5cuft Bag of Nutrient-Rich Compost

1.5cuft Bag of Nutrient-Rich Compost

1.5 Square feet

1.5cuft bag of finished compost! Feed your plants with this nutrient rich compost made from local Bokashi-fermented foodscraps.


Our Regular enriched compost is made from nutrient-rich Bokashi-fermented food scraps and is guaranteed to have a biomass score between 200-400ug/g. It's great for use in the garden and in containers as a soil amendment and as topsoil.


Delivery: We can deliver up to 3 bags of compost to your door for $5 if you live within our service area. Compost delivery can take a few weeks, depending on where you live. If you have any questions, please contact outreach@compostqueenstx.com. 


Pick Up: Pick up up to 5 bags of compost at our headquarters in Alamo Heights or pick up an unlimited amount of bags at our processing site at Talking Tree Farm in Schertz, TX.