Soil Enrichment Program

Soil Enrichment Services

Prepping your garden? We can help you transform and revitalize your soil through the power of Bokashi! 

We have several options available depending on your needs!

  • Bokashi-fermented food scraps (with or without labor)

  • Nutrient Rich Soil (with or without labor)

  • Bokashi-fermented food scraps + Nutrient Rich Soil (with or without labor)

Compost Queens will help you integrate Bokashi-fermented food scraps into your garden bed to act as a powerful and long-term fertilizer, soil conditioner, and probiotic for the soil. Bokashi Fermented Food Scraps will help your soil retain more moisture and nutrients. It will also add and attract the beneficial microbes that help plants access nutrients, guard against disease and pests, and thrive!

We can also help you integrate our Nutrient Rich Soil on its own or in addition to our Bokashi-fermented food scraps. Our Nutrient rich soil has a high biomass reading and is an excellent way to revive your soil.

We will set up a customized plan for your needs and garden. Fill out the contact form or email to learn more.

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Learn more about our Soil Enrichment Program

Did you know we also offer Soil Biomass Testing?

Find out how alive your soil is through our microBIOMETER soil testing!


"Thank you for all that you did and the dedication to doing it right! The personable approach made this experience extremely enjoyable"

— Chad H., Soil Enrichment Customer 


"[I have] seen great results in plant strength and natural resistance to insects.  Yields have been up as well.  Our tomato plants last season produced all the way in to November which was a first for us!"  

— Mark M., Soil Enrichment Customer

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