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Compost & Soil Services

Prepping your soil and don't know where to start? Having trouble composting at home?


Compost Queens will help you assess the health of your soil or compost and create a customized plan to improve it.​​

We will set up a customized plan for your garden or yard's needs. Visit our shop, fill out the contact form below, or email to learn more.

 Biomass Testing

The health of your soil determines the productivity of your garden or farm. Compost Queens offers microBIOMETER® soil testing to measure the microbial biomass (fungi and bacteria) in your soil.

Soil testing has traditionally measured the soil's  mineral and nutrient content. Compost Queens measures how biologically alive your soil or compost is using microBIOMETER®.  Knowing the biological activity over time gives you a better understanding of how well those minerals and nutrients can actually be absorbed by your plants.

Research shows that biomass is the leading indicator of soil health as the soil microbes are what make minerals and other nutrients accessible to plants.


They also improve plant immunity and soil structure and increase the ability of the soil to hold water.  


Knowing how alive your soil is allows you to build and maintain a more regenerative ecosystem in your garden, farm, and community.

To test your soil, compost, or compost tea, visit our online shop, fill out the contact form below, or email

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